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Haeundae Beach


* Haeundae Beach: Busan’s iconic beach*
Haeundae Beach, Busan’s iconic beach, is a large white sandy beach with an area of 58,400 m3. It is 1.5 km long and 30–50 m wide, and the average depth of the water is 1 m. Having shallow waters and calm waves, it has an ideal beach environment for tourists.

Haeundae Beach, which is the first thing to think of when people think about Busan, is Korea’s most popular summer vacation destination with the largest number of visitors in summer yearly. Given its modern and stylish atmosphere created by the surrounding buildings and high-class hotels, the beach attracts hoards of local and foreign tourists all year round.

* Various festivals and attractions at Haeundae Beach *
The Full Moon Festival is held at Haeundae Beach on January 15 in the lunar calendar (daeboreum), as well as the Polar Bear Swim Festival, which is held every winter. Moreover, events of varying scales, such as the sand sculpture exhibition and Busan Sea Festival, take place at this beach. Other sights around the beach include Dongbaekseom Island, Oryukdo Islets, Aquarium, Yachting Center, BEXCO, Dalmaji Pass, and a driving course, along with top-class hotels, other accommodation facilities, and amusement and entertainment establishments.

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